Shop your way to the gym.


Who said you couldn’t look cute at the gym? Try shopping for new workout clothes and you won’t be able to wait to hit the gym. There are a ton of great places to get tops n bottoms you’ll love, but some of my favorites are:

Forever 21  – they have cheap yoga pants, shorts, tops, & sports bras.. you name it! Although these may not last forever, they’ll be good for many months and are great for those of you who can’t be seen twice wearing the same outfit.

Khols – I’ve found some of my favorite yoga pants and running tops here. I get neutral colors (ex. black, and grey) because I know they’ll last me forever and can go with any top!

Vistoria Secret – Very cute tops and sports bras online. I didn’t find as many choices in store, but once you know your size you’re golden shopping online. Better yet, shop in the winter and you’ll see tons of choices at discount.

Fabletics – I haven’t tried this online store yet, but am dying to! “Co-founded by Kate Hudson, Fabletics is ahigh-quality athletic wear and accessories line that helps you feel great, look great and is incredibly affordable.” I took this from thier website to help describe it. Basically, they sell fitness outfits! I LOVE Kate Hudson and the designs look cute so I’ll be trying this site soon! (ps. If anyone has already bought from here, I’d love to know how you like it)



Girls should lift too.

A lot of girls are nervious about lifting because they think they may ‘bulk up’ or become too muscular. They think that they should only do cardio. But, I’m here to tell you none of that is true! Since I’ve begun lifting, I’ve been scultiping my body, leaning out (aka getting smaller) and losing inches…and these changes are visible FASTER than cardio and crunches alone.

Check out this great article on on 8 Reasons Women Should Lift.

1. More effective fat loss

2. More muscle, more calorie expenditure

3. Curves (yes, urves are a good thing!)

4. Quality sleep

5. Increased energy

6. Heart health

7. Bone health

8. Stress relief


Trust me. Take the time to read into each point and you’ll see why lifting is so important.