Change your macros, change your body.


In order to change your body, you have to feed it the right things. Food is broken down into three categories – carbohydrates (carbs), protein, and fat. I truly believe that no matter what your exercise goals are or aren’t everyone NEEDS to learn about this.

Personally, I love carbs… spaghetti, cornbread, fruit, you name it!  However, when I ate what I wanted (aka plenty of carbs), I noticed that I was hungry more often, I had energy swings, and worst of all, my hard work at the gym wasn’t paying off.

I finally learned that I needed more protein and good fats in my diet to even build muscle at all. So I changed my diet determined to cut the carbs to a minimum and get max results. But without ‘enough’ carbs (since I wasn’t measuring)  I ended up binging on cookie dough ice cream when my will-power was low. I know you can relate! No, instead BALANCE is key and knowing how much of what will help you master how you feel and how you transform.

MACRONUTRIENT GUIDE (just follow the steps.. it’s easy!)

1. Find your total calories.
Find out how many total calories you need per day. Use this MacroNutrient Calculator and click the red button.

2. Find your macronutrients.
Enter your total daily calories into the box and click ‘Calculate’.

3. Adjust the presets.
I recommend clicking the Zone Diet or Low Carb preset for weight loss and leaning out. If you love carbs like me, don’t kill yourself with the Low Carb preset. We want this to be sustainable!

4. Create your diet.
Take 20 minutes and create a daily meal plan that hits all the right grams of carbs, protein and fat. I created this Daily Diet to help me. Feel free to download it and adjust as needed. Look at all the labels and look up online nutrition facts for everything you eat and enter them so you’re as accurate as possible.

5. Follow the plan!
This may be hard with all the food temptations out there, but once you get in a routine you’ll find it easier and easier. You should have more energy, feel better, and see changes in your body as well!! You’ll eventually know what items you can swap out while keeping the macros the same.


Shop your way to the gym.


Who said you couldn’t look cute at the gym? Try shopping for new workout clothes and you won’t be able to wait to hit the gym. There are a ton of great places to get tops n bottoms you’ll love, but some of my favorites are:

Forever 21  – they have cheap yoga pants, shorts, tops, & sports bras.. you name it! Although these may not last forever, they’ll be good for many months and are great for those of you who can’t be seen twice wearing the same outfit.

Khols – I’ve found some of my favorite yoga pants and running tops here. I get neutral colors (ex. black, and grey) because I know they’ll last me forever and can go with any top!

Vistoria Secret – Very cute tops and sports bras online. I didn’t find as many choices in store, but once you know your size you’re golden shopping online. Better yet, shop in the winter and you’ll see tons of choices at discount.

Fabletics – I haven’t tried this online store yet, but am dying to! “Co-founded by Kate Hudson, Fabletics is ahigh-quality athletic wear and accessories line that helps you feel great, look great and is incredibly affordable.” I took this from thier website to help describe it. Basically, they sell fitness outfits! I LOVE Kate Hudson and the designs look cute so I’ll be trying this site soon! (ps. If anyone has already bought from here, I’d love to know how you like it)


Slim for LIFE.

I just finished reading Slim for Life by Jillian Michaels which teaches you lifelong habits to stay slim and let me tell you’s a MUST READ 🙂 Jillian breaks the book down into sections (how to grocery shop, ways to dress so you look slimmer, best workout habits, etc..) and at the end of each section she gives you a checklist. The checklist helps you track what habits you are currently doing and lets you pick which new ones you want to add. I love this book because, its a life long reference book. Once you nail down a new habit, like begin shopping at the farmers market, you can go back and add another new habit.

 If you’re like me and are tired of the constant battle of gaining weight, losing weight, and gaining it again – this book is for you. My new years resolution is to focus on overall health and maintaining this healthy lifestyle forever. No more calorie counting battles for me. I’m slowly working to integrate new healthy habits into my lifestyle so healthy becomes a no brainer!

Sound intimidating? Don’t worry – you can take baby steps. About 10 years ago, I gave up soda because my soccer coach said it would make me slower. I began drinking water instead and began to love the taste of water. When the season ended, I kept the habit and now I always order ice water. Little did I know, but this little habit has saved me thousands of calories and several pounds a year. Not to mention, I’m always hydrated and feeling ready for anything.

 slim for life

Share what healthy tips work for you!


Girls should lift too.

A lot of girls are nervious about lifting because they think they may ‘bulk up’ or become too muscular. They think that they should only do cardio. But, I’m here to tell you none of that is true! Since I’ve begun lifting, I’ve been scultiping my body, leaning out (aka getting smaller) and losing inches…and these changes are visible FASTER than cardio and crunches alone.

Check out this great article on on 8 Reasons Women Should Lift.

1. More effective fat loss

2. More muscle, more calorie expenditure

3. Curves (yes, urves are a good thing!)

4. Quality sleep

5. Increased energy

6. Heart health

7. Bone health

8. Stress relief


Trust me. Take the time to read into each point and you’ll see why lifting is so important.


Just water please.

Have you ever heard the phrase “Don’t drink your calories” ? They say this for a reason…just think of all the extra calories you take in drinking juice, soda, wine, you name it! Yes, you can create room for these in your diet if you can’t live without. But just be aware that all the calories in your beverages add up fast.

Sipping water all day can also speed up your metabolism, clear up your skin, & make you feel fuller. Not sold yet? Web MD agrees & lists 6 Reasons to Drink Water that may change your mind.

1. Drinking water helps maintain the balance of body fluids.

2. Water can help control calories. (I love this one!)

3. Water helps energize muscles.

4. Water helps skin keep looking good.

5. Water helps your kidneys.

6. Water helps maintain normal bowel function.


FUN FACT: Chill your water. It’ll burn a few extra calories since your body has to work harder to bring it to body temp again.